Friday, July 7, 2017


We went to timbernook yesterday.
It was kind of boring.
We had wars with huts and sticks.
We also played with clay it was yucky.
Than i found a stick and decorated it with tape, a pom pom and ribbon here is a photo of my stick.

 Than we had something to eat I ate my biscuit  than I went to play I played wars but there was four bases attacking us and we could not stop so I went with my stick and I tickled them with my pom pom at the top of my stick and they ran away. The people that were in my team was Keisha. me Hayley, Zoey and Safiyya. Than we had the rest of my food. than we went back to playing than we got back on the bus and went home

this is my last post of the term. bye bye
Here is my photo of my stick.

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